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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Cake then art then rugs then art

Began the day with some Saturday morning Netflix, then out to Mom's church bazaar for some cake and coffee. Bought some little spoons on the off chance we ran into Mike Jozsa. William took off early to have an all day film brainstorm session with Emma at the new MAG cafe. Headed to the MacKenzie ourselves for two reasons, to see the graduating exhibition by Brenda Danbrook (loved her ceramic cast hammers). This is the last of the UofR student shows to be hosted at the MAG. Too bad about that. At the MAG learning centre, the ATC collective hosted a rug pulling workshop so I made about one or two square inches of pulled rug on burlap. After supper we got to the Barbara Meneley exhibition at Neutral Ground. Home for a bit more Netflix to bookend the day.

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