Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Dentist, cat, ramen, drama

First thing in the morning I broke a tooth eating a biscotti. It was a multiple filled tooth so Dr. Kristy told me to prepare to get a crown but that she'd try to fix it one more time. Patch seems to be holding. 
 Sylvie was a bad cat this morning, leaving a mess and being stinky. We needed to wash her but her back claw caught me as we did so (I also cut her claws following this). Biggest cat scratch I've gotten in a long time.
 It was Ramen day at the Willow and William's Wednesday lunchtime class is over (zero credit hour MAP course) so we went for some stellar noodles.
I took in Natasha Urkow's autobiographical MFA play. She defends it on Friday. Very personal work. 

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