Friday, November 1, 2019

Not so quiet Friday

 I was trying to ease into my Friday, do a painting and stuff, but kept hearing sawing. I finally looked outside to see who was doing it and discovered that the city was cutting down one of our trees in the back. The guys were surprised that I'd not been told. They had paperwork from SaskPower regarding it. As usual, we could not take the wood. It took all morning and fortunately they didn't screw up the clothes line.

 Meanwhile, William discovered that the cat was not transparent and he needed to work blind.
In the afternoon I attended a talk by new professor in art history, Karla McManus, regarding photography. It was all right, although I would have preferred some emphasis on herself as a person and researcher - ie: why is she researching this and how does this help us to work with her and relate to her as a colleague? 

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