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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I'm a bit dizzy from the whirl-wind day. I ended up with two doctor appointments, one with an optometrist (not mine, but a partner in his office) who looked at my eye and determined that I'd gouged the white part but not damaged the retina, so he gave me some antibiotic drops that will prevent infection but not really speed up the healing. The other doctor I saw was the internal specialist. I've not seen him since spring 2006 (he told me last time that he wanted to see me once per year, but of course that was 4.5 years after I walked away from my Calgary surgery and not considered going to another doctor), so I figure 1.5 years is darn well close enough. Anyway, the last thing I had through him was a CAT of my liver since my bilirubin level is high (since at least 1990, and is suggested high since 1986) and appears to be getting higher (normal is 20, it was 33 in 1990 and is now about 50). Anyway, the CAT scan didn't prove anything so now he wants to get more intrusive, sticking a needle in and taking a sample. That will certainly wait until after the holidays. He also revealed that my most recent blood test shows no sign of the hepatitis A that I was supposed to have had in 1986. Hmmm....?
Afterwards I dashed home, picked up Margaret, William, and some muffins and went to the opening of Chrystene Ells's first art installation at the 5th Parellel Gallery at the University. I forgot the camera so I don't have any stills, but basically she took a number of props, photos, drawings, and set pieces from her film Sisu and built them into a ghostly ship within the gallery space - pretty cool.
When we got home, William was excited about getting to bed. He had a quick shower and (on my suggestion that it would surprise his mom) he washed his hair all by himself (he hates getting his hair washed). Then it was early to bed and he would only let me read him one story. Why? Because tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day. If you leave out your shoe, St. Nick will leave you gifts in it. He chose his cowboy boot - smart boy.

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