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Thursday, December 13, 2007


William likes to pretend he's sleepwalking. He gets out of bed, sticks his arms out in front of him, then walks around with his eyes closed. Last night I went into the bedroom while he was supposed to be in bed and he got up and went downstairs, opened the frig, and put the lemons on the table in some sort of act of rebellion.
This afternoon I went to the store and picked up two of the new Disney Treasuries DVD sets, Donald Duck Vol. 3 and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. I've only seen clips of Oswald cartoons, never a whole one until today. Before supper, William and I watched two Donald Duck cartoons. The second one was about Donald sleepwalking as Daisy chases around trying to save him from danger. Margaret says we are going to pay for the cartoons we show him.
This evening our good friend Gerda Osteneck had an opening and party for a series of collages she's been working on for the past few months. They are up at the Art Gallery of Regina at the Balkwill Centre, near our house. Margaret brought some of my Christmas baking, the truffles went over well.

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