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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Got something in the oven! That's right! You heard me, it's Christmas baking season! I was working on mini-cheesecakes for the first time. I was hoping that I could push crusts into the bottom of the mini-muffin trays -- heavily buttered -- then pop them out once cold. No such luck. I've taken the alternative plan, to use paper cups for each. I'd done them without crusts so one will have to eat them with a fork (or uncouthly without one) directly out of these cups. I also made 206 Belgium truffles today. This all got me in the mood to start another Len Lye style animated film called "December" as a working title (although not as a finished title as I don't want it confused with Dianne Ouellette's film of the same name) and this animation is all around reds and greens, getting into the season in work and play.

1 comment:

Chrystene said...

Mmmm, 206 Belgium truffles. That makes me feel like I haven't done anything, even though I pulled an all-nighter last night fighting technology to get my final in on time (technology won of course, doesn't it always?). But baking chocolatey things and dreaming of animations in red and green makes it sound like you live in a magical land, one where people bustle about in warm sweet-smelling kitchens surrounded with sparkley things and powdered sugar, while silvery snow drifts lazily down outside the faintly foggy windows. "Making Christmas, Making Christmas..."