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Friday, March 20, 2009

Canada Post ate my homework

One of my orders from Amazon is two weeks late. The tracking told me that it was picked up by Canada Post, but the story ends there. I went to the post office and they couldn't tell me any more than that but they gave me the 1-800 number. I called them and they eventually told me that they'd damaged my package and I'm to contact Amazon to get them to make a claim. I contacted Amazon, which is a very odd experience. You follow the contact link of their site and click the "phone" choice. It then asks you for your phone number and tells you that someone will phone you. With a groan, I did so, knowing that I'd be waiting the rest of the morning for a call. The moment I keyed in my number, the window said "calling" and my phone rang. The computer calls you, then you wait for an operator, just as if you had called them. In the end, Amazon was very nice and they'll be shipping off my order, which was actually half of an order they divided in half, and they'll be dividing this half in half again since part of it will take a couple weeks and part is available now.

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