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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Saw Watchmen this evening. Was good. I've not read the comics since the eighties when they came out but much of it came back to me. I guess what surprised me most was that they set it in 1985. This makes perfect sense, cold war and the age of the characters relative to the various other wars, but I've become accustomed to re-writing of every story to set them contemporary that I didn't imagine they'd make it a period piece. I bought it immediately as 1985, except one moment when the rich powerful guy had a mouse on his computer. It may be that the mouse had been invented and that this guy would have one, but it was another character, one who has no access to high tech stuff like that, who uses the mouse without hesitation. I'm too lazy to find the comic and verify I'm right, but I doubt they drew one into the original (perhaps there wasn't even a computer?).

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