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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

colds in the cold

Winter never ends, nor does the cold and flu season. Yesterday Ian Toews came into my class, gave a really good talk I think. I had to race from the University straight to the Filmpool where I had a meeting. By the time I was home at 9, I was exhausted. i fell asleep at 10, got up at 2 with a huge sinus headache and watched Mr. Magoo's 1001 Arabian Nights (much better than I'd thought it would or should be) and got a bit more sleep. Today was mostly meetings. Paid bills on my way to work, including extra taxes from both me and Margaret, and took William to acting this evening (second last class of the term). I feel a wave of meetings building; there are already too many but each of them seems to be tabling topics for "next time", meaning the time after classes when we'd rather be getting on with something else. I think it's just the cold talking, feeling cranky. i'd better get over it before tomorrow when I have to look at my students' new assignments. Best to face them fresh and in a good mood.

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