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Friday, November 13, 2009

no lunch today

In Film 412 today I spoke for a minute about journal writing and my sporadic obsession with it. I mentioned this blog, which followed a 10 year gap without journal writing, and I suggested that if I stopped writing this for a few days that I would likely discontinue it altogether. There was a chuckle when I mentioned the blog as if they might have been aware of it so if you are reading this, GET BACK TO WORK: YOU ARE LIKELY LATE ON AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR PROJECTS!!!

I had an 8:30 meeting this morning that I had to leave at 10:25 to get to my 10:30 class (where I assigned them to think about their friends mothers and to play with pieces of glass) and that class ended at 1:20 but was immediately followed by a 1:15 meeting in the same room (luckily we parked our department on top of a time/space rift) and that meeting ran overtime so I had to leave it at 2:00 and meet with a student. A few other encounters and conversations later, I am on my weekend and feeling a bit fuzzy.

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