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Friday, April 9, 2010

One down...

Animation class concluded today. Some projects are late including the usually keen group who where doing a complex multi-part Mario Brothers satire but faced a power outage at 1am and headed to the university to create an all night alternate project (apparently I told them at the beginning of the term that their project should either be good, or be 4000 frames long, and when they realized they couldn't satisfy the first, they tried for the second). End result was that I don't have much grading to do until next week. Really windy today; I heard that SGI sent everyone home because the wind was rattling the windows and they aren't rated for wind speeds as high as they were today (although I never heard how fast it was). I made a double batch of waffles using all the extra egg whites from the gelato for supper. They cost about7 or 8 cents each for the materials, so we freeze them and don't need to buy Egos.

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