Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in review

This is the biggest gap in my blog in three years. I've been here but tired and cranky with nothing nice to say about anything. I'm still feeling somewhat ornery and need to reserve my positive spin words for my student comments that I'm not even close to being finished. There are a lot of distractions and I'm frustrated that my grading isn't done. Who can I blame? Try as I may, I can't find anyone but myself and I know I can't be at fault. Perhaps there are mystical forces at play? The university continues to be busy and I've not managed to stay home a single day since the term ended because of meetings and meetings and meetings. I acted in two student films this week, one by Riley Webster and the other by Gabe Boyko. In both cases I played a tall, long haired film professor at the University of Regina with students who are not listening to my sage like advice. I got to use my well practiced "look of disappointment" in both projects.
On Wednesday I showed my newest film "Grain: Summer - I Can't See the Forest Through My Dreams" at the Filmpool premiere screening. It went well, people said nice things as they are apt to do at such events. The high point of the event was a 15 minute compilation of a few of Ron Mein's drawings from "Jerry's Journal". Ron was a student of mine a year back, doing a bit of animiation. However, these non-animated films are better for their crudity of both content and form. Check out one of them. I am happy enough with my own film, although I would make more changes now. That is always the case and I resist muddling with the past. I've got to start thinking about the future, planning my summer which is upon me. I posted a job offering for student research assistants and will be hiring in a couple of days. The agenda for them will be be help me finish my projects I've started (Modern and Grain) and help me make something new. I have an idea for a new Professor Delusia series, but perhaps it will morph into something else.
Over the past three days we have been getting ants in the house. Annoying.
William and I are going to try to make a Dr. Who project together with William playing the Doctor of course. Earlier in the week I told him to start planning so he took a notebook to school and drew the Doctor's wardrobe (see above). This turned into his real wardrobe, see below. We hoped to start shooting it this weekend but he ended up being a bit sick yesterday so it's not happened yet. I get to play the Dalek (see William's Lego Dalek on his blog). My main concern is trying to figure out the tardis. What I ultimately need is a portable William-sized door with a frame but light enough to move to different locations, allowing him to exit wherever the tardis lands. Once I have that door, I could map it onto an object and try to create an animation of the flying tardis. The rest is just acting.

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