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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

research day 2

Worked with Erik again today. He is interested in something called a slit scan which is the creation of an artificial shutter for a camera which allows you to expose the frame one portion at a time over a longer than normal period. We built one out of a pineapple tin, some black wrap, and a cut up dvd case. Here is Erik holding the device:

Our results were not great but that was more to do with our lack of an slr camera and substituting of my "red camera" which has no manual control on the shutter length. Here is one result:
We also talked further about my Rerun project. Erik pointed out that he thinks that we are going about the project in the wrong way and I assured him that he was absolutely right. The right way would be to plan, to previsualize, and to pre-determine the overall structure before jumping into the production of minor details. I have a strong aversion to doing things the right way so we are charging blindly ahead (except Erik who has decided to open his eyes).

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