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Monday, May 17, 2010

William's video

I put together William's video called "Heart Break" today. I did effects yesterday but had severe doubts that I could construct a story. I stared at it for a while, going through the motions of sequencing it, but then dozed off and when I came to I was much more focused and I think I made something of it. The basic story is the William plays a guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend (played by Teagan) who then says she likes another guy (Bill, also played by William but this time with a mustache). William's heart is broken so he goes for surgery. I play the doctor against a green screen. It all ends poorly and Teagan laughs. I did lots of effects for things like mechanical parts in William's chest, William driving a car (badly), and a tin heart cracking. I used lots of loud and silly sound effects to emphasize all the unrealistic elements in it. The running time is just over 3 minutes. All I need now is some music. I have put in a request for a download from Goby. They have a site for free music for non-profit films at this site.
Here is a clip I've omitted:

In the driving scene I used, I replace all the sound with clean car noises, squealing tires, and honking horns.

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