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Friday, November 5, 2010

Terribly come and terribly gone

The annual Terrible Film Festival, where I make my students show the hand processed films they made over the past few weeks, was this evening at the Filmpool. It went as expected. Some nice moments, some break downs, etc. The crowd was small, as usual. I think I jammed up one of the projectors with a film fragment because after one broke I couldn't get it loaded again and lacked the light, time, and tools to remedy it (it's the one sitting outside of the booth Berny). One new idea I had that I presented at the end of the event was to take a roll of super-8 which had been developed as colour negative and project it. At the same time I had a video camera pointing at the film image and the video camera set on effects where it turns the image negative. The video camera is connected to the video projector so that the positive image created on video can be projected alongside the film image.

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