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Monday, December 19, 2011

School Carnival

After a long day of shopping, we unwound this evening with a three hour winter carnival at William's school. I was going to try to sound very sarcastic (instead of just a little sarcastic) because it was a fairly good time and with William's cousins along, there wasn't much stress of supervision needed. They cut out snowflakes, ate cotton candy, and watched a bit of the Grinch.
Shopping was partially for gifts but mostly for kitchen, bathroom, and computer. We got a new kitchen scale to weigh baking ingredients (I made my chocolate crackle cookies this evening and put in exactly four ounces of chocolate instead of the usual "this looks like about right" ounces). I replaced the card reader on my computer that has been on the blink for the past month (still on warranty), and got some new ceramic coated baking trays. Margaret is experimenting with some drawer holders for the bathroom drawers so we can finally put all of our stuff away.

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