Sunday, January 8, 2012

Head-ache day 4

So I've had this head ache that is rooted in a really sore point behind my right ear for four days now. It comes and goes. If I don't move at all, it almost goes away. When I'm moving and talking, it grows blinding and I can barely think. I canceled my plans for the evening because I'm not sure I can trust myself to drive. Yuck.
I've spent the day at home. I got William to record all the missing sounds from his animation so I can help him finish that up. I put together my new video, Mr. Saul and the You Tube.
Unrelated, I was curious about this building on Broad and 11th (or 12th?). The construction around it was confusing; are they fixing it or tearing it down? It was never as interesting until the other day when I saw it with the sidewalk blocked and I noticed the design of the second floor. The street level is blanked from my memory but must be so ugly that it distracts from the interest above.

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