Friday, January 27, 2012

Opening night at Rob Bos Art Projects Gallery

William was off school today. I had intended to do something with him but he ended up having a friend over all day. I wanted to shoot a video in the basement but ended up needing to clean my space for most of the afternoon including building a shelf that was sitting there unbuilt but cluttering my area, fixing a standing lamp which was lying on the floor (I actually didn't fix it, it seemed too far gone, but I stole half of it and upgraded another lamp with its carcus) and went out shopping for the glass shade for it (costly item but I saved a bit of money and got vintage at the same time at the antique store (still came in at $125)).
This evening Rob Bos held his first opening exhibition of the year at his Art Projects Gallery. The show was all new work and he included a booth where he ran the videos I've been making, all of them from January 1-24. The crowd got pretty big by 10:00 and they seemed to be paying attention.

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