Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reading glasses

I've had reading glasses for at least two years, perhaps longer. I made half a mistake when I ordered them. Until 12 months ago, it was hit or miss if I was ever wearing my contact lenses so when I requested glasses they were for reading in bed when I would never have lenses in. Therefore I had them try to make the lenses appropriate for lenses eyes. This is the mistake. I have  Keratoconus, an eye condition that is not corrected by glasses. I have finally gotten completely in the habit of wearing only my right lens (every day for over a year now) so the glasses do a fair job of correcting my left eye but never helps my right eye, with or without the  contact in. What I need to do is get my glasses fixed, replacing the right lens with one that tweaks the contact eye. Of course it will do nothing when the contact is out, but that is basically what it does now.
I read today, made a short video about snow (Snow Machine) and watched some tv with William after supper. I got a slow start to the day after taking William to the doctor (the bumps which were bothering him are just warts). I also shot some self portraits wearing glasses for my sabbatical facebook page and some shots of my glasses sitting on top of books for my sabbatical reading blog.

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