Monday, October 22, 2012

animation monday

Long day at work. I spent the weekend trying to finish writing my notes for the Dianne Ouellette screening on Thursday and didn't finish grading assignments until today. I think Margaret is coming down with a cold and I'd not be surprised if William and I are also on the verge. I think I wasted most of my morning, just simply not being able to concentrate and stay on task. A large Starbucks finally did the trick. Showed "Bimbo's Initiation  to start class, it's my favorite. Had a Halloween theme to animation I showed. Talked about cel animation mainly.
Margaret Bessai, William Bessai-Saul, Gerald Saul
Gerald Saul and William Bessai-Saul
Dianne sent me a couple of photos from 2002 (the Filmpool 25th anniversary) that she found when looking for images of herself. William wasn't even a year old yet.

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