Tuesday, October 23, 2012

strange developments

 It snowed last night, a wet slushy sort of snow. When I got out to the car, the blanket of snow has slipped down like a blanket and bunched on the bumper. It sort of looked like a face on one of the Bob the Builder machines.
Rob and I spent a couple of hours in the darkroom doing some processing tests. I really needed a whole day, but we did come up with some initial information to work from. Colour photographic paper will develop in C41 colour film negative developer. Black and white developer will also allow you to develop this paper but with less accuracy. In only one test could we see any sort of image and it was grey on grey, no blacks and no whites (see below). This was from using D-76 black and white film developer. When we tried to use Dektol black and white paper developer, the paper turned black too quickly. Perhaps it would work if we diluted it or developed for shorter times, but as we had to do everything in complete darkness, these tests grew quickly tiresome.

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