Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family visitors and steampunk

My sister Sharon and her family, including my nephews Chris and Michelle (pictured below in photos with William) are in town this weekend for a wedding. Chris and Michelle are both in university now, so the trip is short. We had breakfast at mom's and a quick visit. 

This afternoon we attended another steampunk workshop, this time headed up by Mike Jozsa who helped assemble the new mask for William out of an old fan and a scuba mask. After the workshop, we had coffee with Margaret's cousin Barbara von zur Gathen at the Magpie cafe. We had some interesting discussions about herbal medicine and photography. I also had a nice chat with John Reichert who was also at the cafe. Ends up he's interested in steampunk.
William also finally got in Skype contact this morning with his Toronto cousins, Kiki and Kristin. 

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