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Thursday, December 10, 2015

City's Creativity Innovation and Excellence

First thing this morning we sat with Rania for a crit sessions (I'm told that the days of badgering the student until they have an emotional melt down are in the past), with Carmen, Rob, Sean, and Kathryn. It went very well except for the lateness of our start due to this being the first time Rania has ever driven on ice.
The rest of the day I spent at the RCMP where the City of Regina was hosting a session on creativity, innovation and excellence. This was fairly entertaining as they did a number of the more interesting team/relationship/trust building exercises which led up to the flip chart session which would contain the bits and pieces of wisdom we had to impart to them. Met a bunch of people and conversed with some old friends.
Slate Gallery had their Christmas opening, gathering together a few pieces from each of the artists they represent.
Paul was over for supper after being away in New York City. He brought us "Smarties" from his trip but we were not fooled by these rocket look-a-likes. 

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