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Friday, December 4, 2015

Sarah Cummings Truszkowski at Artful Dodger

Sarah Cummings Truszkowski and Margaret Bessai
End of a long week. I took the grad class for lunch at the club where we had a great turkey buffet. Their presentations were excellent and informative. I'd like to work such a session into the course earlier next time, but it didn't feel right this semester with so many of them coming from outside the faculty.
Robert Truszkowski
Still full from lunch, we went out to the Artful Dodger and an exhibition of new painting by Sarah Cummings Truszkowski. We'd seen some of the earlier versions of these in her studio in August but these are even more stunning. As we were leaving, we noticed that Patrick Johnson was playing some piano. William joined him for a few minutes. We talked about the Rocky Horror Show which Patrick played piano in but who's spot on the stage was hidden from our view.
William Bessai-Saul and Patrick Johnson

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