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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Congratulations Rob Hillstead MFA

Congratulations Rob Hillstead for defending his MFA thesis today, which included his film "Blossoms" and his paper which presents the irrational method as a production model for this film's creation. Solomon Nagler was the external over Skype. Things went well. I regret that we no longer have the budget to fly our externals to Regina for the process as that always creates a better environment for discussion and analysis and also has spill-over benefits including possible talks with other students, sharing and networking between colleagues, and a greater degree of unofficial critique. It's the times we live in.
Went out for a mead at Bushwakkers afterwards. It's the first time I've had their mead. It was okay but a bit beer-y. While there, I met Rob's co-writer Mandy Pavlovsky who is also working in immersive virtual reality production.
Rob is the eighth MFA student that I have supervised or co-supervised to graduate. I am going to try to put together a short bio or each one. I think I know what all of them are doing except Fazail, who I WAS on Facebook with but who does not seem to be on it anymore. Last I heard he was back in the Maldives. Here is my list: 

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