Thursday, April 27, 2017

David Gane and other writer award nominees speak

I did some restoration on the Dali puppet Margaret made about 20 years ago. The mustache needed to be rebuilt. Took William for a haircut (unlike in my day, he wants his hair cut and proactively looked up the phone number in the phone book and called for an appointment). Quick supper was followed by a visit to Slate where I talked at length with Mike LaFoy until we had to rush off to two separate events; Maragaret went to a curator's talk at the MacKenzie while William and I went to a panel discussion with Saskatchewan Book Award shortlisted authors Angie Counios, David Gane, Judith Silverthorne, and Gail Bowen, chaired by RPL  writer-in-residence Trevior Herriot. The talk contained many insights and we were particularly interested in David and Angie and how they collaborate. I'm recalling some of the meetings I had with David a couple of years ago when we put our heads together to try to advise some students over their screenplays. As we bounced ideas back and forth, we came up with some very strong new directions for those students, likely better than either of us could have conceived of alone. I think his methods of collaborating and brainstorming are almost magical, so I'm not surprised that the co-writing process between them is such a positive experience.

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