Thursday, November 30, 2017

UofR hub of filmmaking activity

I'd like to say every day at the university was like today and perhaps for some people it is. I sat down for a simple coffee with Layton Burton when Geremy Lague stopped by and joined our conversation (about grad school). The connection arose that Layton knows Geremy's brother James. Minutes later, low and behold, James walks by. In the middle of reminiscing with him, Lowell Dean walks in with a table full of "Another Wolfcop" stuff to promote (or anti-promote) the film by getting people to sign a petition complaining about it. Moments later Costa Maragos walks by, gets into a conversation with Layton (whom he knows from the old tv days) and Lowell, whom he writes an article on for the university an hour later, as soon as he returns to his office.
I suppose if every day was like this, I'd never get any (other) work done. 

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