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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Lemon Drop fundraiser

The Lemon Drop fashion show and fundraiser for the Open Door Society was this weekend. William and I created videos which ran on the wall, one vertical and the other horizontal to fit the space. The work is untitled but were basically two videos, each about 6 minutes long, and each manipulated in a series of ways so that each of the two projectors cycled through about a half hour of variations and then repeating. As the videos are slightly different in length, the combination of the two screens is never the same (at least not within this three hours). The images were primarily 1940s/1950s industrials and and commercials downloaded from the Prelinger archive. The event was pretty good. Everything was yellow themed. Clothes were great. The event was held at a new escape room space beside Don's Photo and the area I was projecting from (beside the band) was still under renovation but we managed.

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