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Thursday, February 22, 2018

TinWife by Travis Neufeld

Film program alumnus Travis Neufeld presented his luscious short film The TinWife at the Rainbow Cinema this evening, along with Mattias's "Gas Can" which I discussed in a post a few months ago.  TinWife is the sort of film we all wish we could make, and given enough hard work we could. Shot over the course of a year on weekends, crowd funded, and created with equal parts blind passion and meticulous care for details, Travis creates a strange 1950-esque distopic future filled with characters we actually care about and empathize with. The trailer gives away many of the plot points (it is only a short film after all) but it still contained a few surprises that I left the theatre thinking about. Wow. Huge congratulations to Travis and everyone involved in this film. 

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