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Sunday, February 11, 2018

new bathroom lights, again

This afternoon we replace the bathroom lights. We put some in only four or five years ago but they turned out to be sort of lemons. They looked a bit like these but narrower. However the similarity stopped there. The old ones had a separate glass cylinder for each of the four lights. The cylinders had a threaded metal band attached to the glass. As the lights heated and cooled, the metal/glass join would crack. The result was that almost any time you touched them, and especially any time you tried to change the bulb, the odds were very high that the glass would come apart from the metal and you needed to replace the glass. The company fixed the problem but the new units were 99% the same. The same look, the same mechanics, but the new less breakable glass didn't fit into the original fixtures. We had a bunch of glass they sold us for the old method (for a discount I think) but last week we ran out of them and now we have a new thing. Very bright (the light, not us). 

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