Friday, September 20, 2019

Taking art breaks

 William has Fridays off so we both ended up working at home most of the day. Simon and his crew were working on our south wall (below) which does have a few big cracks so I guess it is a good idea we have it repaired. They'll break for the weekend, so the yard is a bit unmanageable for now. We took a break to head to the MacKenzie to see Mitchell Wiebe's work, still in progress even though he opened the show yesterday (that we missed due to Art Now). We'd met Mitchell last week at Swampfest so I was quite anxious to follow up with seeing his art and to meet him again. It is a dizzying display of glam items, bold colours, and stream of consciousness design making me feel at times like I'm in his house, and other times like I am in his brain.
 In the evening, Margaret and William attended a fountain pen event at Paper Umbrella. While I really support and encourage such activities, I don't know what possessed me to go myself. I didn't have a chair and didn't have commonality with the people there, so I opted to walk around outside and listen to the radio in the car. William did a couple drawings, had some conversations, and won a door prize pen.

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