Wednesday, April 8, 2020

how does work work?

I'm not the only one feeling more or less out of sorts when it comes to my relationship with work during the covid crisis. While much of what I do during parts of the year is not much different, that is to say, during the summer I don't have regular office hours and often work from home for days in a row, the differences are discreet. When I DO go to the office, no one is there. When I want a break from work, I  have no place to go. While I enjoy having family around, I also need to consider that both of them are also working from home and we need to somehow sync our breaks. I also feel that with others working and knowing that everyone is trying to do things, this cannot be treated as a vacation. No one is looking over my shoulder, but I think they should be. As such, I am driven to take each over of my day seriously, making progress on projects and monitoring emails and trying to figure out what to do in the fall. I am feeling overwhelmed by all the work I want to do and expect of myself. I cannot face my lists of things to do as they surpass what I can do in a week. I don't turn on the tv until after 8 at night, sometimes not until 9 or 10. I take a nap sometimes, as I cannot work when I feel as tired as I sometimes do, so this seems to count as work more than pleasure. Sleeping really feels like the best response some days, but that way leads to madness.... or does it?

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