Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Records and Painting

This camera is from Jack Hilkewich, who dropped off two 8mm cameras to me the other day. I also borrowed a half dozen cameras from Mike Rollo which I returned to him a few days ago (last one is pictured below). When I was talking with Mike, he asked about my Facebook posts where I pair my painting with the vinyl I'm listening to. I had to admit that the selections are not chosen for any thematic reason, but that the simple act of listening to my vinyl is one of the comforts and motivations for embarking on a new painting. The type of music does often affect my physical painting, how fast or aggressive or contemplative or careful it might be.
Later in the evening I was talking with Jeff Nachtigall over the fence. I suggested that my spending two or three hours on a single image is forcing me to be patient and to be attentive to detail and that this is beginning to affect my work on Sock-Vile. Jeff (who just cut his own hair with predictable results) talked about how painting is all about layers to him. In agreement, both the painting and the after effects work with Sock-vile is about layers. More to think about. Things are making sense. 
Jeff Nachtigall

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