Monday, June 8, 2020

PC Place

I've been struggling to get my new computer working. It works of course, but what I need is for it to have at least two internal hard drives to store all my video work. However, through perhaps some foolish choices on my part, I ordered a Thinkstation that looked bigger in the picture but in fact only houses one internal hard drive (apart from the c-drive which is built into the components somewhere). However, there is a large bay in which one can put a cd rom or something. I went to PC Place to see if they have a housing to allow it to fit. I used to have one but it was plastic and cracked when I was taking out of an earlier computer. They didn't have one but then the guy remembered that he had some of these very simple braces (above) and they were sized for just this job. For five bucks, the problem was solved! Yeh for PC Place. 
New phone book came. It is thin enough to bend and put into the mail box. 

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