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Friday, March 21, 2014

3D success with new camera

photo of Gerald Saul by Geremy Lague

I picked up the second roll of film I shot with the Revere stereoscopic camera. This time I didn't suffer as much bleeding between frames, probably due to working more carefully, advancing fully, that sort of thing. I was really pumped when I saw the little thumbnails on the outside of the cd of files when I picked them up, but once I began photoshopping them, I discovered that the lab scanned rectangular portions of each of the square images. So even though they had a note warning them about "half frames", they obviously don't quite understand what I need yet. I'll have to print a sample or two and bring that in with the negatives to see if the whole thing can be fixed. At least they must of known that something major was up as they returned the negatives in a roll, uncut. It should be easier to rescan them all. As it stands, I have to pick and choose images in which both halfs of the pair were scanned more or less the same. 

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