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Friday, March 28, 2014

Mockumentary, the other side

I have my two sections of second year film, both of which I workshoppped a mockumentary last week. The larger group were able to devise a more complex story which shot with two crews. This led to a lot of fun through some degree of secrecy, no one knowing what all of the story was. The second class, being smaller, only shot with one team and thus had less mystery, less footage, and few plot twists. However, on the second day of working with it, the day I tasked them with putting a paper edit together, the larger group, with so much more footage, only just managed to create cards for the shots and no one wanted to even consider the paper edit (perhaps next week?). The smaller group really came alive, assembling ideas for sequences and using over three quarters of the shots. Here it is on the wall:

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