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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Forgot to take pictures this weekend

The way I decide what to blog about is that I look at my camera and see what I have taken pictures of and talk about that. The way I decide what to take pictures of is that I look at something and think that I should blog about it and so I take out my camera and take a picture. However, when I forget my camera or am just having a non-visual day, I end up with nothing to write about. However, I actually did do stuff in the past 24 hours. We went to a terrific engagement/house warming party for Allan and Jana. William and I learned three new games, "King of Tokyo", "Chrononaughts" as well as a very minimal storytelling game about saving magic played with a single sheet of paper and some simple playing markers. William did brilliantly at the story game, even ending the game with a very dramatic sacrifice of his companion for the greater good of the world. Epic.
Today I hosted the planning group of Filmpool members putting together the 2016 Caligari project. Just so I'm not without any images, here is a random frame of Cabinet of Dr. Caligari grabbed from the internet. 

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