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Monday, March 24, 2014

Alan Zweig's "When Jews Were Funny" with producer Jeff Glickman

Jeff Glickman in Regina with "When Jews Were Funny"
This evening we attended the absolutely amazing new documentary "When Jews Were Funny" by Alan Zweig, whom some of you might know from his film "Vinyl" or from when he taught at the university in the early 90s. The producer, Jeff Glickman, was in town to introduce and answer questions about the film.  I'd like to see Alan's film "I Curmudgeon" as it likely gives the insights necessary to understand his frequent alienation of people around him. I think this is what gives his films their humour and their edge. However, that doesn't mean it makes him easy to work with. Someone asked Jeff Glickman about future collaborations between him and Alan and he indicated that such ventures were not going to happen.

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