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Monday, March 17, 2014

Society of Camera Operators video "starring" Gerald Saul and his PXL2000

I got a cryptic Facebook message from Steve Suderman today which read "Gerald Saul, You're part of motion picture history" and a link to a video from the SOC (Society of Camera Operators, for the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards, edited by Bob Joyce. To tell you the truth, I rarely watch more than 45 seconds of any video sent to me through Facebook but I had just arrived at the office and was changing my shoes and had not started anything else yet, so I let it run. It was expertly done and enjoyable as a tribute to the evolution of the motion picture camera and I was sitting generally amused but ready to turn it off when suddenly I was there, on the screen holding my Pixelvision camera. It was the oddest experience to be in a film that you'd never heard of or consented to. I watched it a few times. Of course, I have no problem with my face being thrown around. Some shocks are good shocks. Here is the link, I am at 2:55. The image is from this blog in Sept, 2010

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