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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adventures in the third dimension begin

Today, shortly after Geremy arrived at my office and we'd begun to talk about 3D images (I showed him the new Derrick May book which arrived last night) Andrea told me that there was a call from someone wanting to donate a small projection screen to the department. While this is something that the department doesn't need and only takes up space, it is something that many of the students might value so I said I could pick it up and get it to a student who would appreciate it.
Geremy and I drove out there and picked it up and then carried on to the pawn shop on Dewdney where the owner collects 3D cameras. I asked his advice about them and asked if I could look at one. One thing led to another and we shot a test roll on the sidewalk after which I asked if he had any doubles of cameras and I ended up buying it. I'm hoping to use it to shoot source images which I can Photoshop into the card formats and make stereoscopic images with.

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