Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hand processed film with the grad students

Last week I worked with the grad students in my class to shoot a roll of black and white film. This week we processed it in class and screened it. I asked An to put on some music and she picked this calm little number which creates an eerie counterpoint to it.  I'm surprised at how low contrast the film came out, considering it was the high contrast film stock. This is due to a bit of under-exposure, room temperature developer, and probably old or slightly depleted developer. The character I play has Professor Delusia's coat on but Canister's helmet, but to confuse the historians trying to make sense of my work some day. The title isn't really perfect but came out of a conversation about Caligari I had with them. The suggestion from Saqib was "Cabinet of Dr. Saul" or something like that, but I figured the reference to one or the other of the fictitious characters I use would be better. Dianne Ouellette was on set and shot at least once production still but I don't have it yet. 

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