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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Margaret had a short shift at the Sherwood Dunlop today, which would mean that if I wanted to go to the university I'd have to drive to the opposites side of town twice, on top of being home to give William lunch, so instead I opted to work at home on some details of a couple of projects. However, I actually spent most of my day selecting digital photos to print. It's not that I'm overly picky or take a long time making decisions, I don't. These are just my everyday snapshots I'm talking about, it's just that instead of making my selections about every month, I've left these since March and therefore had to comb through 2885 photos I've taken in that time and it looks like I'll be printing 3-400 of them - thus the use of much of my day. Here is a family photo we took a couple of months ago, I like the colours. There are elements of long exposure showing (see in particular the transparency on the edges of William's head), although the red-eye makes it obvious that a flash was used. All I remember is that William had put the camera on a tripod while Chrystene and Raul were over and we all had strange pictures of ourselves taken.



Unknown said...

I love that William is already so into photography and moviemaking! Your day of sifting through snapshots reminds me of the old days when you and Margaret would visit, take the many film canisters out of my fridge and take me to get the year (or more) worth of photos developed. Things are easier now, I don't bother printing anything.

Chrystene said...

Hey, I remember that picture! Nice, I love how it's glowing.