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Monday, November 12, 2007


William and I watched disc 4 of the new Looney Tunes collection this morning, the theme of which was "early works", which is of course code for all black and white. Over the past few months, William has started to declare that he's not interested in black and white shows, even though he often enjoys them when he sees them (he used to love Betty Boop and we've recently been watching Popeye), but this weekend he begrudgingly watched some, probably because he was too tired to get off the couch. Today he told me that he really likes the black and white cartoons.
I continued to be frustrated with this "sulimo.dat" trojan virus I have. Paul came over and took a look after we had birthday cake with Margaret's mom (she made her own famous black forest cake, I made ginger snap cookies, all baking turned out better than average today). Paul set up the parameters of my virus software better, but I don't think anything is really resolved with that actual virus yet as it is still sitting there on my hard drive.

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