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Friday, November 23, 2007


William got his report card today, he did well. There were no surprises. He continues to get very average grades in music, as he did all last year, and we still have never met the person (or people) who teach music, but it is funny to me as William has a fair ear (as evidenced by the fact he cannot tolerate me singing more than one verse of a song unless he is trying to learn lyrics from me) and he has an amazing memory for song lyrics and will sing songs obsessively - including songs that he may have last heard over a year ago. While I am by no means claiming he is a prodigy, he is genuinely more gifted than either of his parents.
I bought a video MP3 player, Coby brand, 2Gb, from Canadian Tire today for 47 bucks (less the 20 in Canadian Tire money I'd accumulated). It's now charged up and I'm going to figure out how it works and what works bet on it, or perhaps I'll just listen to books on tape.

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