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Sunday, November 18, 2007


We watched Shrek 3 with William this morning. We'd not seen it before, primarily because William has a hate on for Shrek, having seen the first two once each and refused to ever watch them again, even though a year had passed, so luring him into watching it was a bit tricky. I wanted to see it and basically liked it. William now wants to make his own Shrek movie. I forgot to bring a video camera home, but he has started to do drawings and we recorded a couple minutes of improvised dialogue in which I say things like "I'm an ogre, I think I'll sit in the mud, should I splash mud on you little cat" to which William would reply "meow, nro, rawr". It won't be deep.

We seem to have done a sophos update that claims to have detected and deleted the virus on my desktop, but it still seems to be there. Grrrr. At least it rebooted in normal time.

Watched Spiderman 3 and built Lego this evening. Both were satisfying. Spiderman 3 took a lot of flack. I didn't read the reviews, and I'm certain it doesn't have the emotional punch of the second one, but it had some pretty good themes of redemption that tied it together, and I have to admit I was surprised but at least one well played plot point.

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