Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

A busy and exhausting day. William was very happy with his gifts which included the new Lego shark from Atlantis, a big motorized Lego creator set with a helicopter, a bionicle matoran with a gukko bird from 2003 new in its box from grandma, and numerous other things that sometimes weren't even Lego. We watched some season 2 of Get Smart before supper (I also watched half of my new Criterion copy of "Wings of Desire") and after our elegant sea food supper we watched some episodes of Monty Python from the complete collection that I bought for us as a family. William couldn't get enough but I was almost asleep so we had to insist he go to bed. I curled up with him and he stayed up reading his Darren Shan book while I slept. Now I'm awake and he has only been sleeping 4.5 hours.

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