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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

The countdown is on for the new decade. This morning William made his reading challenge deadline and completed the 12th Darren Shan Cirque de Freak book. He had stopped 30 pages short a few days ago because it got too scary. I read the remaining and was inclined to agree (the character has to allow his body to be dissolved in some sort of magic acid where he dies and then has his soul placed into a golem/Frankenstein/zombie body build crudely by the main villain where he would live the remainder of his short life with no tongue or teeth). However, the chapter following that was very charming as the character goes back in time to the events of the first book so I convinced him to resume at that point and finish it off. This afternoon I took William to "The Fantastic Mr. Fox". It really was fantastic. I was really amazed by the brave framing and compositions. They veered away from the safe storytelling structure and were intuitively simple. This evening we built a time capsule for 2019 then Paul came over and William put on a puppet show and we all played Careers (I've not played it in 30 years even though I bought a vintage set at a garage sale 10 years ago and parked it on my shelf). It went well with the lemon gelato I made. Happy New Year all!

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