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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

over night

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep so decided it was the right time to watch the pirated copy of Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist". When this semester began, it was the one film that almost every student of mine had seen and felt was highly significant. It was released in Europe after a premier at Cannes, and even though it's been making waves there, most felt that it would never get an American release. It is a rather odd film featuring only two actors (plus a silent role of a child in a couple of scenes) played by Willem Defoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg. It bounces between being a Bergmanesque psychological/theological drama and a Korean torture/horror film. Sex and pain, although never rape or s&m, just somewhere else. I guess it did reach some new and very uncomfortable places using some unorthodox approaches. I loved the talking fox but didn't feel that it will be as influential as the students do.
My banana bread was undercooked, even though the tooth pick came out completely dry. I am able to eat the edges, and had to throw out the middle half. Pity, it tastes really good (I added walnuts).

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