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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Road Trip

We pulled William from school today and drove up to Saskatoon. The forecast was for today to be the nicest day of the week. About five minutes out of town we hit fog that was incredibly dense and stayed with us until five minutes outside of Saskatoon where it miraculously parted.
Our main mission was to see the Mendal Art Gallery show. One show that required dust free shoe protectors was Marie Lannoo who works with reflective surfaces and light reflection. Here is William (a little bit unwilling since he really wanted to read the new Animorphs book we found an hour earlier at 8th Street Books) within her large central sculpture.

The big show as an amazing paper cut installation by Ed Pien. The security was tight so I didn't get many pictures (I don't think they like the idea of eight year olds running rampant in these complete patterns of paper hanging by stick pins, but in fact Margaret posed the greater hazard with her huge purse. One seven foot cylinder of paper featured holes through which you could look and see magical little tunnels.
Here is a tunnel and an image I snuck from above which shows the way they are constructed. We met up with an old friend Jamie and met her cats who would dwarf most normal cats. They were each at least triple the size of our cat. Before leaving town we had supper with Mike. The road was completely clear as we got gas at the Esso by the Teepee five minutes south of Saskatoon. We left the gas station three minutes later as the sun approached the horizon and collided with a fog bank denser than the one we faced this morning.
It was a white knuckle journey all the way home.

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