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Thursday, February 18, 2010


So far on this spring break I have done something significant each day, mostly work that I'm catching up on, but all without going anywere near the office. Feels pretty good, I've been a bit burned out this past month. Today I finally did some shopping in the east end, something I don't like to do when the whether is really bad. Paul and I did a furious race from place to place for two hours, starting with picking up my Kitchenade mixer that has been in the shop for two weeks. We also got to Futureshop where I got a 4Gb SD card for my camera and some fresh dvd-r discs. To Winners where I found some Sony headphones for William and a new red bowl. To JYSK where I found an egg cutter for my mom that she wanted. Then finally to Canadian Tire where I found a German-made carrot peeler and a new air pop popcorn maker. Why don't stores have air poppers anymore? They are really hard to find. Does everyone just microwave it now? That's just wrong. Anyway, after all that I got home and Margaret asks where the bowl is for the mixer, it was taken in with the machine to get it aligned. I had to go back but the woman there couldn't find it and the repair guy was gone and unreachable. She took my number and found it an hour later and delivered it. Excellent service. I made peanut butter cookies and biscotti after supper. I've never made peanut butter cookies before, they turned out well. I discovered too late that I was nearly out of chocolate chips so half the biscotti are made with busted up white Belgium chocolate instead.

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